ComicFury debut!
by Singring

Hi everyone,

   thanks for checking out The Cull on ComicFury. This is my debut on the site and it looks like there's a vibrant community here, so looking forward to your comments, feedack and questions.

   A bit of history about the comic - I started it some three years ago when I was still a PhD student and it is the first project that I have carried through to double-digit pages. I've found that the trick for me has been to abandon the idea of a set script - this comic is being created the 'Marvel Way'. I have a rough idea of the plot in my head, but the exact pacing, plotting and dialogue evolve from page to page. I used to write scripts for comics, but I soon realized that I would go back and forth over the cripts to make sure they were as perfect as could be - but I never actually got around to drawing the damn thing and when I finally did, I had run out of interest!

  This one is different, because I'm discovering the story myself as I go along, which keeps things interesting for me and hopefully for you.

   I knoew taht ins oem wasy it may spell disaster to go about it this loosely and I do find myself sometimes going back and rewriting dialogue to fit with later plot developments or characterisation, but so far I'm quite happy with the results and I hope you are too,

   One thing I will be perfectly honest about is that I am slow - I have a very busy day job and as you will probably see, my artwork tends to be on the detailed side, so at the best of times it takes me two weeks to finish a single page - crazy, I know.

   I have a backlog of pages that I will be uploading weekly from now on, but at some stage when I've caught up with myself, I will be going to a bi-weekly update. So if you want to follow this comic, I'm afraid you will need patience.

   Anyway, let me know what you think and hope you enjoy it!