Comic 11 - The Cull - Page 10

30th Jul 2014, 8:09 PM in The Prophet
The Cull - Page 10
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Singring 30th Jul 2014, 8:09 PM edit delete
Sorry about the late update - I was away for the last couple of weeks. This weekend's update will be on time.

I had a lot of fun and a lot of headaches doing this page. I still find it hard to do panels with stark lighting, especially inking them is a bit of a nail-biter, you never know if its going to look awesome or crap. I'm quite happy with this one.

Also nice to finally pace stuff in a way that leads to a lovely little cliffhanger. Stay tuned to find out who has been watching our heroine skinny-dipping!


chris-tar 30th Jul 2014, 11:12 PM edit delete reply
Maybe another heroine was watching our heroine?
This is the year 2014 after all isn't it?
Well, maybe the LBGT movement doesn't exist in this world. Snicker.
Singring 6th Aug 2014, 9:05 PM edit delete reply
Good guess - check the next page and you'll see you were almost right! There is another heroine on her way - give it another 20 pages or so ;).
Twistedfro 31st Jul 2014, 12:22 AM edit delete reply
I'm happy with your page too ;-) came out great and I do now wonder who was lurking around.
Singring 6th Aug 2014, 9:06 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! Check the next page and you can find out who the peeping tom was...
Cool avatar, by the way!
IllustratorMan 2nd Aug 2014, 3:57 AM edit delete reply
I think I got goosebumps for a minute there looking at this page...:o
Singring 6th Aug 2014, 9:09 PM edit delete reply
Thanks, that comment really made my day! One thing about my art that I really struggle with is atmosphere. As much detail as I put in, I sometimes wonder if it sucks the life out of the I'm really glad to see you got a visceral response to this page.
I tried to pull off something similar on the next couple of pages.
Britarse 20th Jul 2015, 2:49 AM edit delete reply
Hang on, she has to unpin her bikini from her skin to bathe, then pin it back on? Ouch!
Singring 20th Jul 2015, 6:51 PM edit delete reply
You got it...but she has permanent piercings, so it's not like she has to puncture her skin anew every time. That would be very painful!
Thanks for checking out The Cull!