Comic 12 - The Cull - Page 11

3rd Aug 2014, 10:14 PM in The Prophet
The Cull - Page 11
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Singring 3rd Aug 2014, 10:14 PM edit delete
Who is the rather hunky guy and why is Saphyr obviously rather pissed with him showing up? All will be revealed on the next few pages.

You'll notice that sound effects are creeping into the comic…I still want to use them as sparingly as possible, but I just felt the last panel needed that ‘Smack!!’ to add a bit of oomph.


ranger_brianna_new 9th Aug 2014, 2:11 AM edit delete reply
Yep! Nicely placed! :)
Singring 10th Aug 2014, 9:49 PM edit delete reply
Thanks, glad you like it!

Not one of my strong suits and at some stage I want to graduate to using hand-drawn sound-effects (when I do use them).